International Car Sketch Competition – AutoSketch 2016 Petra Surabaya

Petra Christian University
Faculty of Industrial Technology
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Automotive
Siwalankerto 121-131, Surabaya, Indonesia


  1. Participant should be an active university or high school student.
  2. Official time zone of autoskecth is GMT/UTC +07:00 (Western Indonesia time zone).
  3. Autosketch will be held online at
  4. Participant have to use Autodesk Fusion 360 to design this car in 2D and 3D. (Autodesk Fusion 360 for students can be downloaded free of charge from
  5. Sketch must be authentic, your own design, and new. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification and excommunicated from autosketch competition permanently.
  6. The copyrights belongs to the participant. Autosketch Committe and sponsor only have the right of publication.


  1. First place: Rp. 6.000.000 or $475
  2. Second place: Rp. 3.750.000 or $275
  3. Third place: Rp. 1.750.000 or $125
  4. Favorite sketch: Rp. 500.000 or $25

* $1 = Rp. 13.400;  Note : Based on Indonesian policies, prize would be included tax and transfer fee. Tax would be 20% for international winner and 3% for local winner.

Sketch (80%)

  1. Sketch (40%):  2D sketch can be drawn by hand or using any other software you used to use.
  2. Software Fusion 360 skill (40%):  Design has to be shown in 3D view using Autodesk Fusion 360. Fusion 360  basically a simpler version of Autodesk Inventor without some features, a simpler UI and is more user friendly.
  3. The challenge is to design an SUV car that can take up to five passengers and compatible with existing roadway infrastructure (no magnet wheels, railways, etc). The assessment criteria is concept design, aesthetic value, consistency of style, and software modelling skills.

Poster content (20%)

  1. There must be minimum one sketch in 3D view and two sketches in 2D view. 3D view can be either isometric or trimetric, or any other projection. 2D view can be either front, rear, side, and others.
  2. Poster should be presented in E
  3. The car’s name should be clearly written in the poster.
  4. Poster should give clear explanations on the concept design and and show the ‘new’ innovation in the design. (20 – 100 words)
  5. The only personal information that is allowable in poster is the name or nickname of the designer.
  6. Logo of Petra Christian University (PCU), HIMAMESRA, Autosketch and sponsors must be displayed in the poster.


  • Open our page and download and read Term and Regulation, then design your car
  • Fill in and upload all requested data by clicking the “submit” menu on (name, university, Student card, etc).
  • 2D Car sketch should be uploaded in a single JPEG file (maximum size is 1 MB). 2D Car sketch should be uploaded in a single JPEG file (maximum size is 3 MB)
  • Poster entries should be uploaded in a single file (high-resolution JPEG). The uploaded file should follow this criteria: (a) maximum size 10MB; (b) file must not contain any transparent elements;  (c) A3 (landscape) and does not contain any crop marks; (d) High-resolution (minimum 200 dpi) CMYK format
  • For further question please check the FAQ in our Facebook page @Autosketch Petra or contact


  • Submission             : 14 April – 30 April 2016
  • Judging period : 2 May –  12 May 2016
  • Winner announcement : 13 May 2016


  1. The challenge is to design a SUV car that can take up to 5 passengers and compatible with existing roadway infrastructure in all terrain (no magnet wheels, road rail, etc).
  2. Perspective of your design is important because it gives better perspective to the judges to see the originality, detail, and concept of your design.
  3. Poster tells a story about your design concept, its presentation can affect the judges’ decision. Make a serious effort to help the judges understand your design.
  4. The target is clear: Create the most desirable and intelligent sport utilities vehicle, a car that would be a trend in all ages with futuristic touch.
  5. It should not only be a unique and beautiful car, but also an innovative and sustainable vehicle that is able to carry up to 5 passengers.
  6. Even if you concentrate mostly on exterior design, you still need to provide the interior vision as well. Alternatively, if you prefer to focus on the interior design, you also need to show the exterior design vision.
  7. Imagine yourself as a designer and engineer at the same time while clearing your personal vision. Powertrain solutions such as battery electric driven, fuel cells or just a hybrid engine are free to choose. But not the efficiency of the powertrain type.
  8. Use your personal experience for identifying today’s customers wishes and traffic needs within Indonesia or Asian market.